“Jack, where’s my headphone? – Apple, where’s my headphone jack??” – iPhone 7 – Essentials

Jack, where’s my headphone? – Apple, where’s my headphone jack?? –
iPhone 7 Essentials !!!

At the moment nobody knows exactly what the next iPhone – let’s name it iPhone7 – will look like. But there are many rumours saying that it will have no headphone jack anymore.

What’s that? I have no words to express my irritation:
Superidiotic? Hyperstupid? Giganonsense?

I do not need the flattest phone on earth.
I do not need a waterproof phone.
I do not need 4 speakers in my phone.
I do not need a Stereo camera.

But what I really need is a normal headphone jack.
For what?
To connect it to several audio systems, to connect it to my car, to use standard headphones (and I have many of them) on a train or bus, on the beach, …
And all this without any adapters!!!

An iPhone 7 without a headphone jack would be the first iPhone which I certainly would NEVER buy (as I would never buy the normal MacBook due to the absence of essential ports). And many other customers would act the same …

Please Apple, consider this!