MacBook Pro 2016 – What we need – what we wish – what we can waive

MacBook Pro / Air 2016

What we need – what we wish – what we can waive

What we need (Essentials):

Because Apple showed us the bad example (the 2015 ultrathin MacBook), we are aware of some essentials which are absolutely necessary for Pro users:

  • KEYBOARD: Keys shall not be too flat! The keyboard of the ultrathin MacBook is much too flat for a comfortable and secure typing.
  • POWER CONNECTION: More than once, MagSafe saved the life of my MacBook Pro. Hence I insist on a MagSafe power port. USB type C is absolutely inappropriate to plug the power cord of a notebook. A big thing would be, if Apple finds ONE unique magnetic power plug solutions for all devices as Macs, iPhones/iPads and the Apple Watch together.
  • OTHER PORTS: Pro users need – for minimum – one USB 3 port (better more), a Thunderbolt port, a HDMI port and a 3.5 mm headphone/microphone jack. We can certainly not waive a normal USB port, because as pro users we have to link to so many different peripherals (often simultaneously) and we often need a USB memory stick for computer administration or data transport. Furthermore, the Thunderbolt is essential e.g. to plug to an Ethernet (via adapter) because often we first have to plug to a system by cable to configure (or repair) the wireless function.

What we wish (not essential but nice to have)

  • For Pro users it would be great to have an upgradable device again. A Mac should last several years but technology evolves at racing speed. So it would be nice to have the chance to upgrade memory (RAM and SSD) or change batteries. For this the device can certainly be a little thicker (see next point). Luckily, my 2012 Pro is still upgradable J
  • I do not need to have the thinnest notebook on earth. There is a minimum height to type comfortably on a keyboard. It would be more essential to have no sharp edges on the front. The front edge of my 2012 Pro is a little too sharp and hurts once in a while in some writing positions (also the edge of the iPad Air is too sharp to hold the device comfortable for a long time).
  • SDXC card slot: would be nice to have, because it makes life with cameras much easier.
  • USB Type C port: though currently rarely supported, would be forward-looking. But this should never be the only USB port (see Essentials)

What we can waive (would never pay for this)

  • Who needs a butterfly mechanism? The typing on my 2012 Pro is much more comfortable than the typing on a modern MacBook which has the typing haptics of a cheap silicone keyboard.
  • Does anyone use Force-Touch (or 3D-Touch)? My son owns a new Pro with Force-Touch technology but he does not use it. My wife and a friend both have the iPhone 6s but they never use the 3D-Touch. I’ve tested both but up to now I cannot find any benefit to this new feature.
  • On a 13 inch screen I do not need 4K, 5K and more. My 2012 MacBook Pro has no Retina at all and I’m fully satisfied with the display.
  • NEVER worsen reliable and established apps again. There are too many examples how nearly perfect software was destroyed by overeager programmers making changes users have not asked for or need (e.g. iPhoto/Aperture -> Fotos).

I’m very curious what the future brings for the MacBook Pro/Air Series.